Healthy@home is delivering new and vital services within the region. Our focus is on meeting the changing needs and preferences of our clients, so we take a nimble, client-centred approach to service delivery. To achieve this, the consortium includes providers experienced in supporting people with diverse needs, characteristics and life experiences, who may have experienced exclusion, discrimination and stigma during their lives or who are part of a culturally and linguistically diverse group.

This is important because our clients display the same diversity of characteristics and life experiences as the broader population. For example, 20 per cent of our clients were born overseas and 10 per cent are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Note that prior to our formation there was no Indigenous specific service provider in the area.

Our approach means we have frontline staff who can speak to clients in many languages and we have the capacity to deliver tailored, personalised services because we share data, expertise and program information to identify and respond to our clients’ needs. This supports the development of a holistic system that allows clients to stay connected to their community (through social support and community transport), improves their physical wellbeing (through Active at Home), and provides access to clinical care (through allied health and nursing services).